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Our projects

Our projects have all evolved as a response to inadequate service delivery and policy relating to the issue of violence against women and girls.

Initially focused on domestic violence, the projects have now expanded to encompass other forms of violence against women and girls as separate or interlinking issues.

The need for integrated and innovative responses to meet the diverse needs of survivors and their children features at the heart of our work. All our projects focus on the need for partnership working between practitioners across the health, housing, social care and criminal justice sectors as well as those working in specialist violence against women agencies.

By constantly listening to practitioners and service users all our projects grow and adapt accordingly in order to raise awareness of new and emerging issues and to develop creative solutions to these issues.


  • [image]Children & Young People's Project

    Aims to improve the safety and enhance outcomes for children and young people experiencing violence against women.

  • [image]Stella Project

    Addresses the links between domestic and sexual violence, substance use and mental health to improve service provision.

  • [image]Prevention Project

    Aims to improve prevention responses to violence against women and girls across a range of sectors.

  • [image]Health Project

    Promotes skills sharing and partnership working to address the impact of abuse on mental and physical well-being.

Archived projects

  • [image]Archived projects

    Previous projects, include Women & the Criminal Justice System and Praying for Peace. More information can be found here.


We produce monthly e-newsletters and regular bulletins to help you keep up to date with issues related to violence against women and girls.