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Children & Young People's Project

About the Children & Young People's Project

The Children and Young People's Project works to improve the safety and redress the imbalances in opportunity for children/young people witnessing or experiencing violence against women.  This is done via training, strategic lobbying, integrating prevention work into schools, developing work to support young people, promoting and rolling out models of good practice, improving coordination across services and supporting organisations working with children, young people and violence against women.

Our objectives

  • to improve the safety of children/young people witnessing or experiencing domestic and sexual violence;

  • to ensure the needs of children/young people witnessing or experiencing domestic and sexual violence are included within all relevant policy and strategic initiatives;

  • to improve co-ordination across services focussing on domestic and sexual violence, children and young people;

  • to promote and support the development of existing and evolving models of good practice.

  • What we do

    The Children & Young People’s Project can offer a range of services to organisations, local authorities and individual practitioners.

  • Children & Young People’s Project training

    We offer basic and advanced level training courses suitable to practitioners from a variety of sectors working with children and young people.

  • Children & Young People’s Project resources

    A list of resources produced by the AVA Children and Young People’s Project.

  • Community Groups Project

    This programme is for children, young people and their mothers who have experienced domestic violence and provides a community based setting for them to share and talk about their experiences.

  • Prevention work

    Information and resources on VAWG prevention work.

  • Girlguiding and AVA

    The exciting curriculum we have developed for Girlguiding on relationships, gender equality and safety.

  • Children and Young People's Practitioners' e-forum

    The forum is open to all professionals working with children and young people and dealing with issues relating to violence against women.

  • Contact us

    AVA staff are available to provide advice and support.


Sign up for newsletters

We produce monthly e-newsletters and regular bulletins to help you keep up to date with issues related to violence against women and girls.

The Children and Young People's Project is a fantastic resource for all practitioners working with young people affected by violence against women, whether at a front line or strategic level. It is a reliable and prolific source of information in the field. Learning to Respect Project, Hounslow

Useful resources

Co-ordinated Community Response Toolkit

greenVisit the pages of the CCRM website relating to children, young people and domestic violence.


Online Discussion Forum

New discussion forum for young people about rape and consent in teenage relationships moderated by the CYP AVA project.


The CYP e-forum is a great way to connect with other professionals around the country working in this field. Join here for free!