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Health Project

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AVA's Health Project aims to bring together practitioners from both statutory and voluntary sector health agencies and those working in the violence against women sector to promote skills sharing and partnership working.

This is in recognition of how violence and abuse impacts on a survivor's mental and physical well being and the need for joint working across sectors to improve outcomes for survivors and their children. We are privileged to have Dr Roxane Agnew Davies as the mental health advisor to our project.

The project began in 2003 with a focus on mental health and the links to domestic violence resulting in a number of resources and ongoing training programme. In 2010 we joined in partnership with Hull PCT to coordinate HEVAN (Health Ending Violence and Abuse Network).

See also the separate section on the Stella Project which addresses the intersection between drugs, alcohol and violence against women.


  • What we do

    We provide a range of training and resources to help agencies improve health responses to violence against women and girls.

  • Health Project training

    The Health Project offers training courses suitable to practitioners from a variety of sectors working with women and girls who have experienced violence.

  • Mental Health Initiative

    The Stella Project's new initiative to develop effective responses to women experiencing domestic and sexual violence, problematic substance use and mental ill-health.

  • Health Project resources

    AVA have produced a number of resources relating to health and violence against women and girls.

  • Contact us

    AVA staff are available to provide advice and support on issues relating to health and violence against women.


I don't call it mental health. I call it 'symptoms of abuse', because to me that's what it is.Survivor of domestic violence

Other useful resources


Visit the CCRM website for further resources relating to health and domestic violence.




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