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Stella Project

Our objectives

As the leading UK agency addressing the overlapping issues of domestic and sexual violence, drug and alcohol use and mental health, the Stella Project works for positive, sustained improvement in the way services are delivered to survivors, their children and perpetrators.

About the Stella Project

The Stella Project started as a partnership between the Greater London Domestic Violence Project (GLDVP) and the Greater London Alcohol and Drug Alliance (GLADA) in 2003. During 2002, discussions between GLDVP and GLADA identified gaps in the current service provision for both survivors and perpetrators of domestic violence who use substances problematically. GLDVP and GLADA created the Stella Project in order to find positive and creative ways to work towards more inclusive service provision.

In 2010 as the GLDVP made steps to incorporate wider forms of violence against women and girls into its new remit of AVA, the Stella Project incorporated sexual violence and mental health into the scope of its work. This was in recognition of the level of sexual violence experienced by women in particular who access drug and alcohol treatment services and in recognition of the research highlighting drug and alcohol use as coping mechanisms for experiences of trauma.


Today is not about barriers, its about bridges…Today is not about feeling entrenched in our disciplines and resistant to change; it is about daring to hear the other view, however uncomfortable this might be. It is about focusing on the women and children who we work with and for asking if there is something we are missing or something we could do better.Dr Sarah Galvani at the Stella Project Launch Seminar 2003


The Stella Project produces monthly e-newsletters to help you keep up to date with issues related to problematic substance use and violence against women and girls.

Other useful resources

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