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Inspiring and informative videos on VAWG issues

Our Girl

This is a short film on forced marriage. It includes an animation followed by clips of young women talking about their experiences. There is a second film called "True Stories" that consists of longer pieces of the same women describing their experience of forced marriage in more detail.

The film is also accompanied by a Resource Pack aiming to provide additional information about forced marriage, as well as offering ideas for activities to raise awareness of forced marriage among professionals, young people and wider communities.

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Although the videos below can act as valuable resources for both professionals and individuals, they do not necessarily represent the views of AVA.

Why domestic violence victims don't leave: TED talk by Leslie Morgan Steiner


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<p><a href="">FEMICIDE MAIN 12:2</a> from <a href="">Nylon Films</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>

Femicide Census


What's so special about specialist services?

Ascent Project Launch

Killing Us Softly: presentation on how the media shapes our views of women

Sexism, strength and dominance: masculinity in Disney: a thought provoking video on where some of our ideas about relationships come from

Women know your limits!: A humorous look at sexism

I knew him: short film showing that sexual violence can happen to anyone

The Havens 'Where Is Your Line?': short film exploring consent

1 is 2 many: Men speaking out about dating violence

Campaign for no more page 3: a poem imagining a world where the genders were reversed

Another poem from the no more page 3 campaign, about body image

You're not just a victim. You're a survivor: Powerful sexual violence awareness film which includes what friends of survivors want to say to them

Leslie Morgan Steiner: Why domestic violence victims don't leave: a powerful speech from a survivor who also outlines what everyone can do to help

See the video here.


Expect the Flames: Amazing spoken word poet discusses the aftermath of rape and the resilience that comes with learning to live again


Is labiaplasty anit female pornification or an empowering choice? You decide.... watch the film & have your say.

by Ellie Land

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Slut Shaming and Why it's Wrong

by Astorice

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"Don't Rape Her" PSA

A public service announcement for sexual assault awareness, for men, by men.

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How to look your best the morning after - Lauren Luke

For the new Refuge Don't cover it up campaign

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Tavi Gevinson: A teen just trying to figure it out

Fifteen-year-old Tavi Gevinson had a hard time finding strong female, teenage role models, so she built a space where they could find each other. At TEDxTeen, she illustrates how the conversations on sites like Rookie, her wildly popular web magazine for and by teen girls, are putting a new, unapologetically uncertain and richly complex face on modern feminism.

by Tedx

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I Knew Him

"I Knew Him" illustrates that sexual violence can happen to anyone- man, woman, boy or girl. But it's never too late to get help.

by Dr. Broderick Fox of Occidental College

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CRASAC (Coventry Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre) win Guardian charity of the year award

Coventry based charity CRASAC (Coventry Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre) is named Guardian charity of the year at an award ceremony that took place on the 15th December 2011.950 worthy charities entered the awards that took place in Central London, but only five stood centre-stage and took home the prestigious prize.

This video demonstrates why CRASAC are worthy winners of this award.


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Crush - Trailer

Gillian and Alex are best friends forever. But how long does that last when Jack enters the picture? When does 'care' become control?

A study of abuse and control in teenage relationships, Crush is a powerful and disturbing story of one girl's journey to a place of despair and helplessness.

By David Goodall

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Drag Him Away Campaign

The National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) has launched an interactive billboard campaign at Euston Station to raise awareness about how people can intervene to help put a stop to domestic violence. The campaign, which launched 30 April 2012, runs on JCDecaux's large format e-motion screens and encourages passers by to get involved in the advert by controlling the scene using their mobile phone.


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Survivors of human trafficking

Survivors of human trafficking tell their personal stories.

From The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

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