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Our courses

All courses are one-day in length unless otherwise specified.

General VAWG courses
Children & Young People's Project courses
Health Project courses
Stella Project courses


The Children & Young People's Project training courses

blue Children Under Ten Years Old and Domestic Violence

The course will look at basic domestic violence theory and specifically how children under ten years old are affected. Focus will be given to behavioural, emotional and cognitive effects on children under ten years old, as well as the links between domestic violence and child abuse and the effects on mother-child relationship.

blue The Community Group Project UK

AVA can be commissioned to provide training, materials and support to your agency (and your partner agencies) to equip you to deliver The Community Group Programme (if you are based outside of London).

blueHow technology is used to abuse and protect young people experiencing violence against women and girls

This one day course will provide an overview of the different ways technology is used to abuse young people. Practitioners will also gain knowledge about how technology can protect young people by increasing their knowledge about abuse and support services.


Young People and Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG)

This course will focus particularly on the experiences of adolescents as victims and as perpetrators of violence against women and girls. Related issues such as teenage pregnancy, specific issues faced by boys, barriers to accessing services, sexual violence and gangs will be covered. The course also explores the issue of young people as perpetrators of abuse towards dating partners and/or family members.


An interactive, practical day on Adolescent to Parent Violence (APV), designed to raise awareness of the topic and provide participants with an opportunity to explore the dynamics of the issue as a profile of domestic abuse. Information will be provided on definitions, background theories, prevalence, risk factors, case studies and behaviour patterns. Consideration will be given of the problems of engaging with families around this issue and an overview of current service provision (models of work) will be provided.

The Health Project training courses

orange Basic Mental Health Awareness Training: for domestic violence workers

This course will explore attitudes around mental health in the context of domestic violence. Based on the AVA toolkit Sane Responses, the day covers key guidelines of good practice in support of women who have mental health difficulties, appropriate methods for asking about mental health and options to support women after disclosure.

orange Improving Your Working Relationships with Service Users through Counselling Techniques

This course explores the means to develop a powerful working relationship with clients who have experienced violence against women and girls, through respect, fostering control, setting boundaries and being trustworthy. Concepts such as non-judgmental acceptance and empowerment are explored.


This course is designed to help professionals understand and identify the dynamics and psychological issues arising from work with victims of violence. Support is given to address the issues with the client and to promote strategies for self-care, highlighting the appropriate use of supervision and debriefing.

orange Meeting the mental health needs of domestic and sexual violence survivors

This accredited course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to effectively meet the mental health needs of survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

Meeting the mental health needs of domestic and sexual violence survivors

The Stella Project training courses

purple Troubled Families, Problematic Substance use and Domestic and Sexual Violence

Domestic and Sexual violence is often present or has been present in the lives of 'troubled families.' Participants will gain knowledge on the links between DV/SV and problematic substance use, as well as what support and interventions can be effective with individuals and families experiencing these dual issues.

purple Safeguarding Children - living with parental substance use and domestic violence

This course looks at the overlapping issues of domestic violence and substance use and examines the impact of these on families, with a particular focus on safeguarding children.

purple The Links between Domestic Violence and Problematic Substance Use

This course is specially designed for non-specialist workers who wish to gain an insight into both domestic violence and drug/alcohol sectors and whose clients may present with both issues.

Working with gang-affected young women experiencing sexual and domestic violence

This accredited course is delivered in partnership with Women & Girls Network and will equip you with the knowledge and skills to work effectively with young women affected by gang-related domestic and sexual violence.

Violence Against Women training courses

green Safeguarding Against Forced Marriage and so called Honour-based Violence

The course is designed to increase participants' knowledge and awareness of forced marriage, so called 'Honour Based Violence' and to offer space for reflection on current and future work approaches in order to operate within a good practice framework.

green Domestic Violence Awareness


This one day course looks at definitions of domestic violence, myths and statistics, reasons why it is difficult to leave an abusive relationship, indicators of domestic violence and how to provide support to those affected. It will provide you with information on local and national services available and referral processes.

green Domestic Violence Awareness for Housing Workers

This one day course will train staff from voluntary or statutory housing agencies on domestic violence with a focus on the experiences of their client groups.


Please contact if you would like to have any of these course delivered in-house or click here for information on when these courses are being delivered as open training.

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