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Coercive Control: Using the Legislation

The commencement date for the offence of coercive and controlling behaviour is 29th December 2015. Guidance for professionals was launched on 5th December 2015. This seminar gave delegates a chance to hear from experts on the new coercive control legislation and discuss practical issues around advocating for survivors.

The Care Act six months on… early lessons to keep vulnerable adults safe from domestic and sexual abuse

The Care Act 2014 came into force in April 2015 and is aimed at creating a single, modern law that will ensure the physical, mental and emotional well-being of vulnerable people. Six months on, this seminar looked at the early lessons from its implementation and models of good practice.  The seminar included presentations from leading practitioners and policy makers as well as an opportunity to discuss ideas and network with other delegates.

Tiny tears can make an ocean: Recovery for babies and toddlers exposed to domestic violence

Living with domestic violence can have a lasting impact on children even if they are very young. Using examples from the UK and Australia, this seminar explores how the relationship between mothers and young children can be affected and how recovery work can be implemented.

Understanding coercive control – what is it and how can women recover?

The internationally famous Prof. Evan Stark founded one of America's first refuges and coined the concept of 'coercive control.' This important seminar will give you the opportunity to not only hear Evan Stark explain the concept of coercive control and its implications for our practise, but will also feature Dr. Roxane Agnew Davies and Research Fellow Nicola Sharpe talking about their work in undoing the damage caused by coercive control.

Stella Project Networking Event

The Stella Project has been leading the way on addressing the overlapping issues of domestic and sexual violence and problematic substance use for over 10 years. This event promoted our most recent research and projects and considered the future direction of the Stella Project.

Teenage relationships: Shaping today, shaping the future

On 15 July 2013, the Stella Project Young Women's Initiative launched its guidance, Commissioning services for young women experiencing domestic and sexual violence who use alcohol and other drugs, at an event held in partnership with RBKC's Domestic & Sexual Violence Strategic Partnership and CWHH Clinical Commissioning Group



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